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Name: Ronald Smith
Age: 33
Home Town: Durban
Height: 1.79m
Occupation: Self-employed
Time Required: 6 Months
Then: 113kg
Now: 82.3kg


The reason I didn’t do sports in the past was because I felt self-conscious about being overweight around other people. I tried crash diets, but none of them ever worked. When two of my uncles had to undergo bypass surgery, I realised I had been taking my own life for granted.


Time to change. My younger sister Shayna asked me to go for a run with her. She encouraged me to run 5km, six days a week, combined with resistance training. My daily diet included instant rolled oats with sliced banana, cinnamon and honey for breakfast; avocado on low-GI bread for lunch; a chicken wrap or salad for dinner; and fruit or raw nuts for a snack.

My biggest challenge was staying motivated at times when the number on my scale didn’t reflect the hard work I’d put in. So I began to document my journey by taking photographs. Seeing my progress displayed in those images put me in a better head space.

I’ve learned that there are no quick fixes in life; but putting in the graft makes the reward that much more worthwhile. The ‘end goal’ doesn’t exist, because we are perpetually changing and pushing ourselves to new levels.


Running allowed me the time and space to reflect on what I needed to change on the inside. My confidence levels are through the roof. I get to share my running experiences with Shayna, and people are inspired and amazed by my transformation.

Shayna and I have founded a running group, ‘Running Kin’, and we run for charity. I’m happy with my current weight, but I’ll continue to push my body to new limits. My 10K PB is 50 minutes, and my half-marathon PB is 1:55.

In November I’ll take part in my first marathon, Sani Stagger, and I’ve got my sights set on participating in the Two Oceans and the Comrades.

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