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Weight Loss is not a Sprint.

39kgs Down. How I did it? 🤔

Here are some of my TOP TIPS ☝️

1.) Stay away from the scale. ⚖️

We have been conditioned to associate “weight loss” with the numbers we see on the scale. When the numbers don’t match up, we become despondent and demotivated. Leading to self sabotage. 🥺

2.) There is no “end goal”.

We have this idea in our heads that once we reach our goal weight we will finally be happy. Instead of enjoying the journey. Learning from it.
Set small goals for you to work toward. As you smash each goal your level of confidence and motivation start to rise. 🤩

3.) You are not J-Lo or the Terminator. 💋

Stop comparing yourself to others. Focus on yourself. Learn to love who you are. Accept who you are. No matter how hard we try, we will NEVER look like our “idols”.

4.) Unfollow fitness “influencers” that don’t inspire. 🚫

Mainstream media have done their job in selling us an image. An unobtainable image of what we want to look like. This leads to body dysmorphia and self hate. Follow REAL people. People you can relate to and people that inspire. 🤩

5.) FOOD. The holy grail. 🍔🍟

Don’t go cold turkey. If someone tells you to cut out carbs…. cut them first. 🤣
Learn to walk before you can run. Make small changes to you eating habits. You KNOW what’s good and bad for you. ☝️

6.) Keep moving. 🏃🏻‍♂️

You are bound to have good and bad days. So is life. Shit happens.
It’s how we respond to those days that determine our success.

Majority of the time it’s a mental battle. The fight between food and evil. Your mind is telling you to stay in bed. That is when you make sure you get out that door and train anyway. You will thank yourself later.

7.) You are NOT Superman (women) 💪

We get tired. Our body gets sore. We want to rest.
REST. And come back stronger. Motivated. Determined.

ALWAYS remember…

It’s NEVER easy. Then again… all the good things in life don’t come easy. 😉
Weight gain didn’t happen overnight. And neither will weight loss.

Enjoy the process. Rediscover yourself. You will be amazed at what you are truly capable of. 🥰


Happy Running