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What a week this has been?!

With National Lockdown in full swing, week 1 started off with high spirits. 

I’m just going to be honest. This week has been one hell of rollercoaster. Emotionally.

When lockdown started there was definitely this feeling of a great “opportunity” to better ones-self. To learn a new craft. To finish projects left untouched for years. A time of self reflection. To just be a better person overall. 

That didn’t last. And it’s only been a week. 

I don’t think I was mentally prepared for what this lockdown would entail. The emotions I would experience. Just having the “freedom” of coming and going as you please. Socialising with actual people. These are things we take for granted.

When you not in your normal 9 to 5 routine, you realise that 24 hours in a day is PLENTY. 

When you’ve exhausted all your resources, what else is there to do? 

So let us address the elephant in the room. 


Never in my life have I thought about food as much as I have this week. And this is coming from someone who spent majority of their life obese. When you have so much time on your hands your stomach finds a way to remind you what the time is. 

No doubt that if we weren’t allowed out for essential food items – I would have NO quarantine snacks. I would DIE of starvation.

What is it about food that has such a hold over people? It’s a question that can have an infinite amount of answers. One thing I can say is that we should NEVER punish ourselves over something that we eat. Fact is we all go through the motions of life. Have ups and downs. We all react differently.

My own week has had its fair share of ups and downs. Mostly downs. This is uncharted territory for all of us.

I would much rather be that “coach” that is completely honest, true and transparent.Someone that is relatable, rather than be someone that is pretentious. 

Remember – your journey is my journey. 

Happy Running,