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What a time to be alive?! We are living in truly challenging times. Mentally, physically and emotionally. 

Personally, I have not taken this lockdown very well. Tough is an understatement. 

There have been days where I’ve felt on top of the world. Motivated and determined to be productive. Then there are the days where I have felt so despondent. Depressed. Lacking the energy to even get out of my pyjamas. It has been a rollercoaster of a ride. 

Then last night while doing my usually social media binge, I stumbled across a video on Facebook shared by Four12Global. The video followed Nomvula, a single mother from Joshua Generation Church living in Dunoon Township, as she gave viewers a tour of her home. 

All I can say is WOW. I am completely humbled by this amazing women. Full of hope and gratitude. Never once complaining about the current situation we are ALL facing. Living her life with a thankful heart. I had a lot to learn. 

With that said – there is NO way I could ever compare my situation with Nomvula’s. 

I am living in a three bedroom home. Open plan kitchen & living room. Separate bathroom. Warm running water. Verandah. A huge garden with a pool. These are my blessings I have taken for granted. Blessings that I have not appreciated. 

We forget to live a life of gratitude rather than a life of ingratitude. This needs to change. Our thought process needs to change.

Do yourself a favour and head over to the link below. Just watch.

These times are difficult for everyone, but it’s how we react to them that matters most. Wake up each morning with a thankful heart.

Daily Mantra – “I Feel Gratitude. I AM Gratitude. I AM Compassion”

Happy Running,