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On paper – running 100km looks tough.

Actually running 100km… is TOUGHER. 🔥

With the racing calendar being put on hold for the foreseeable future, the decision of running 100km for a CAUSE was a great way to set goals, stay motivated and give back to a non profit all at the same time. 🤗

With the coronavirus pandemic taking hold of the world, the financial consequences have been dire. Those hardest hit include non profits. 😢

I have been working with TAFTA for a few years now, and the work they do is truly amazing. Inspiring lives worth living. They have been at the forefront of this pandemic protecting the elderly. They are to be commended. So it was a no brainer that I would be running for them.

Now…Leading up to the 9th of August was no smooth sailing. As Murphy would have it, I suffered an ankle injury a couple weeks prior. Still, that was not going to stop me from giving it my best shot. 💪

The Start… 

Going into the 100km run for TAFTA it was a given that running around Hillcrest we would be sure to have some support along the way and a “pit stop” at Cotswold Garage for sustenance.
To our surprise we started off the morning with so many friendly faces out in their numbers to show their support. It was truly heartwarming. Like warm tingly kinda heartwarming. 🥰

Loading 25%…

Round 1 & 2 of Winston Park. It was tough, but surprisingly went by so quickly thanks to the amazing company. It was an indescribable feeling. Like soldiers going into battle. Running as one. Hollywood can’t write stuff like this. 🤩

Loading 50% 

Mentally… this was the “light” at the end of the tunnel. Oh how I was mistaken. 🤪
Hoping that laps on Inanda Road would make the remaining 50km seem any less were blown out the water by the blistering heat. That sun was out in full force showing off. ☀️🔥
And then, like an old friend coming to say hello, my ankle started playing up. 🤕
Fun and games.

Loading 75% 

With some strapping and pain killers to help numb the pain, I could just feel something wasn’t right.
It felt like my shoe was filling up with blood. Time came to a complete standstill. The earth literally stopped moving.
Your mind takes you down “roads” you thought your would never go. The mental struggle is indescribable. You feel like you are making absolutely no progress.
You want to quit. You want to just throw in the towel.
This is the time you fight for your life. Only difference? You’re not alone! 🌸 

100% Complete 

The last 25kms felt like the first 75kms! Only worse. 🥺 Literal angels came to my aid 😇
We on the home stretch baby.
Then… Coming back up Inanda Road, hearing the cheers, my engines started revving. Seeing friendly faces that have been with you throughout the day. Friends that in your heart you consider family. 💕🌸 I bolted. I needed to finish.
At the end of every race I’ve done there are two words that ring loud in my head… FINISH STRONG. 💪

I have my father to thank for that. 🙏

Flip… glitter, ribbons, cheers… I was pretty delusional. My sight was blurred. I could barely make out faces. 🥳🎉⭐️

One thing stood out for me… was the TAFTA banner.
I broke down. I cried. I did this for TAFTA.  I didn’t even cry when finishing Comrades.
It didn’t matter what pain I had endured, that would always be momentary. I ran for them. 🌹

It’s easy to want to give back, regardless of motive. For me… giving back should be free from ego. Giving back should not be about self promotion.

“Acts of kindness, however big or small, grows the spirit and strengthens the soul. “

I have made a point of not mentioning names in this blog. Those who contributed to the day know who they are. And I would just like to say that I am forever grateful. Humanity stands a chance when united as one.

I am proud of them. Not only for the efforts, but for their unbiased comradery. Your display of selfless acts are commended. You are all true heroes.

I will end with a quote.

“A great man is always willing to be little”

Happy Running,